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Album Review: Tom Levin - Them Buffalo

Artist: Tom Levin
Album: Them Buffalo
Review by Andrea Guy

Tom Levin returns with his sixth album Them Buffalo.   His deep, rich voice is the first thing you notice, then you notice the music. It is impossible to pinpoint the style of Tom's music. There's a touch of the 80s in several of his songs, while the lyrics have a Dylan-equse vibe. The combination of the two make for a very unique listening experience.

The first single from Them Buffalo is “More Than A Song.” This is pure pop bliss that will take you back to the 80s. The guitar riff is reminiscent of Big Country, with some U2 thrown in for good measure. The chorus is sing-a-long catchy.

Tom's voice is an acquired taste. It is by no means beautiful, but the same can be said for artists like Nick Cave, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello. You can draw comparisons to any of these artists and Tom, as well. The mane thing they share in common, is songwriting.

The album's opening track “Thunder On” is the song that ties in with the album's title.  The lyrics“Thunder on young buffalo” will probably still have a few heads shaking, but the guitar riff will keep you from dwelling on a song about buffalo.

The trippy “Mind's Eye” can only be described as psychedelic. The arrangement is hypnotic and mystical.

The most playful song is “Everyday.” This song shows a lighter side to Tom Levin.  It is a lively fun, feel good song, complete with a few whistles and quirky lyrics. “Little things show me the way, everyday.” and “Like Junior's with his new Crayola's drawing squiggles on the wall.”

The vocals are full of passion and energy. This is one song that will stick with you long after you've finished listening.

Tom does a 360 with “History, Beliefs and Bearded Men.” This is a song that must be listened to and not just heard.  This is song is spiritual in nature. The lyrics are simple “Beyond history, beliefs and bearded me, you'll find your own Jerusalem.”

“Different Drum” is an acoustic masterpiece. It comes with hand claps and a laid back vocal that seems to glide into your ears. The song has a simple arrangement.  The acoustic guitar is the most prominent instrument here, until the end when the saxophone takes over.

“Girl From Nova Scotia” has the poetic angst that can often be associated with Elvis Costello's lyrics. It leaves you wondering how you can “hate you in a beautiful way.”

“Schizo” is the album's shining star. Tom sings about having many personalities while not being schizophrenic. There's a jab at Kanye West here too, that might leave you chuckling. Tom's voice is perfect here, singing in the low registers.

“Summered” returns to a more laid back melody that borders on the unusual. The backing vocals seem slightly off in a slightly creepy way, that tells you that's how they were meant to sound.

The album closes with “Margaret's House” which sees Tom sharing the spotlight with Aimee Bobruk, who co-wrote the song with Tom as well as Thunder On and Everyday. Once again, you get to see a different side of Tom. His voice is deep and romantic here and it blends beautifully with Aimee's. The song is atmospheric, slow and bittersweet.

Tom Levin is an artist that has grown consistently with each album. His songwriting gets better and better. If he has an album out in any given year, it is bound to be one of that year's best, and Them Buffalo is no exception.

Don't let 2014 go by without giving this album a listen.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Super Book Blast: Curve My Song

Curve My Song
by Sarah Gai



Follow the amazing plus size trio, The Curvies, as they find love, drama, tears, laughs and a song to match every situation. Bree Carson loves her life, friends and little town, but something is missing. Taylor Cole returns home after ten years and old flames reignite. Can he break through Bree’s walls? This book is the first in a three novella set following the lives of three curvy best friends: Bree, Elise and Skyla. The first book follows Bree and her life as she fumbles her way through letting down walls and letting love in. This novella has a lot of laughs and a little drama and introduces the readers to the rest of the characters leading into the second book, which builds up suspense for the third and final installment. These novellas will appeal to plus size or curvy women everywhere, especially those who enjoy books in the BBW (big, beautiful women), chicklit and women’s fiction genres. It’s just one of those reads that busy women of today can enjoy while they relate to the curvy ladies who aren’t super models but representative of your average everyday beauty.



Chapter One ~ Bree

Okay, okay,” I grumble, reaching my arm out, blindly trying to locate my phone, my head still nestled beneath the covers, with no intention of surfacing any time soon.

Whoever is trying to call me better have a damn good reason for doing so. I’m enjoying my sleep in, knowing I don’t have to start work until seven o’clock tonight. The phone ringing is beginning to drive me insane.

Ah ha!’ I finally find it hidden amongst last night’s clothes haphazardly thrown on the floor. Pulling my hand back under the covers, I answer the phone. “What?” I grumble.

Bree, tell me you’re not still in bed?”

Of course I’m still in bed, it’s still morning,” I snap at Elise. I’m not a morning person, never have been. It takes at least two cups of coffee to get me going and, of all people, Elise should know that. Especially if she wants me to be a little nicer right now.

No, honey, it’s one o’clock, and would you like me to remind you that it’s Friday?”

Of course I know it’s Friday, I’m singing at Skyla’s tonight. Now, let me get back to sleep.” She’s still on the other end of the phone, but there’s only silence, and I know she’s waiting for something. But what?

Then it hits me.”

Excerpt From: Sarah Gai. “Curve My Song.” iBooks. From: Sarah Gai. “Curve My Song.” iBooks.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Sarah Gai is the author of The Curvies series. Living in Victoria Australia. As a devoted wife and mother of three, when Sarah is not writing she will be found reading in a quiet corner somewhere or out for coffee with her own real life Curvies. Being a busy mum she was always trying to find a quick and fun read to squeeze in and that is when the idea for the three novella set sparked into her mind. Wanting to write for all the women out there who want a good short read about strong friendships, romance and body positive, love the skin you're in kind of fiction.

buy links- The ebook is free on all of these sites!!! So grab your copy today!!!

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Goddess Fish Promotions Cover Reveal: Heart Of Steel

Welcome to the cover reveal of HEART OF STEEL by Elizabeth Einspanier, a Science Fiction Romance available February 17, 2015. Elizabeth is giving away a $20 gift certificate to Steampunk Emporium. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

When reclusive cyborg Alistair Mechanus meets his captive, ER doctor Julia Parker, it is love at first sight--for him. While he eagerly drops his plans for World Conquest to woo her, ten years of solitude have left his social skills badly rusted. When his misguided act of kindness spirals out of control, however, Julia is forced to trust the mad genius with her life, and she discovers the vulnerable side under his armored plating. She has the skills he needs to unlock his forgotten past, but learning who he used to be may come at the cost of his remaining sanity.

Enjoy an excerpt:

She advanced cautiously, trying to get a look at the subject of his study in the next room. Before she could, however, the tall man in the hall with her spoke.

“Greetings, Julia,” he said in the baritone she’d heard from the speaker. She turned, and saw to her shock that a significant portion of the left half of his face, now revealed to her, was crafted of overlapping segments of unpolished metal, apparently riveted through the flesh and into the skull and jaw. His left eye was a mechanical lens that turned and focused in perfect coordination with its biological counterpart as he regarded her, its iris dilating as he offered her a welcoming smile. “I am, as you have probably guessed, Dr. Mechanus. I welcome you to my humble lair.” He sketched a bow to her, and she either heard or imagined the sound of countless motors whirring within him.

At first her thoughts were consumed by a single horrified thought—what the hell what the hell what the hell—repeated over and over again until her mind filled with what the hell from top to bottom and side to side. She felt light-headed, and braced herself against the edge of the observation window to avoid falling, but some persistently reasonable corner of her mind gently informed her that now simply was not a good time for her to faint or throw up.

Stay frosty, Julia, the voice advised her, in a familiar-sounding voice that Julia couldn’t immediately identify. Think of this like your first car crash in the ER. Sure, it looks horrible, but you can get through this. Just breathe. Get through this, and find out what’s happened to Jim. You’re okay.</ i>

About the Author:
Elizabeth Einspanier is the self-published author of the Weird Western novella Sheep’s Clothing and
the upcoming sci-fi romance novel Heart of Steel. Her short stories have been published in Down in the Dirt and Dark Fire Fiction. She is a member of the St. Louis Writer’s Guild and an associate member of the Horror Writers of America. She lives in St. Louis, but frequently spends extended periods in worlds of her own creation.

Google+: +ElizabethEinspanier/
Amazon Author Page: author/elizabetheinspanier

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Goddess Fish Promotions: An Amish Christmas Quilt

An Amish Christmas Quilt
by Charlotte Hubbard, Kelly Long, Jennifer Beckstrand



A Willow Ridge Christmas Pageant

Seth Brenneman didn’t expect his holiday would include rescuing pregnant young Mary Kaffman and her two children…or having unexpected feelings for the still-grieving widow. But when they must play the leads in an impromptu live Nativity pageant to help his Amish community, will their roles reveal their hearts—and work a miracle for a lifetime?

A Perfect Amish Christmas

Anna and Felty Helmuth’s grandson, Gideon, plans to spend Christmas on a beach in sunny Mexico. But Anna is quite sure he’d rather be with them, snowshoeing, ice fishing—falling in love. And she knows the perfect girl. Not only is Dottie Schrock an excellent quilter and baker, she’s having a party. There’s just one complication—Gideon is not invited. Dottie has her reasons, but Anna trusts that the spirit of Christmas—and true love-will change her mind, and her future …



A Willow Ridge Christmas Pageant

Seth Brenneman propped open the door to his wood shop, allowing fresh air inside now that the final coat of varnish on his walnut table had dried. This dining room set—one of many orders he’d already received for pre-Christmas delivery—was complete, with its china hutch, ten chairs, and leaves for the table. He smiled as the natural light shimmered richly on the tabletop. It was only September 28, months ahead of Christmas, but already the holiday season promised to be the most profitable ever for the woodworking and construction business he and his two brothers ran. When Micah and Aaron returned from an installation, they would deliver this set to its new owners in Bloomingdale, so Seth began piling furniture pads near the door.

Loud, strident barking made him stick his head outside. The racket came from a black and white border collie—and when it caught sight of Seth, it bounded toward him, barking even more insistently. Nobody around Willow Ridge owned a dog like this; he wondered if someone had dumped it on the roadside. The last thing he needed was a noisy, bothersome dog to feed, so he removed the chunk of wood from beneath the door to close it—

But the dog shot toward him, fixing him with an intense brown- eyed gaze that refused to be ignored. It charged at him, nipping his pant leg, still barking frantically as it pivoted to dash back toward the road. When the dog saw that Seth wasn’t following, it came at him again, barking even louder and faster as it circled him.

Hey! What’re you—don’t nip me, you ornery—” As Seth dodged the dog’s next attack, he noticed a surrey on the road with a small horse trailer behind it. At first sight he thought nothing of it, because in Willow Ridge, Missouri, double-sized buggies were an everyday thing. But when the border collie headed in that direction again, barking at him over its shoulder, Seth noticed the surrey wasn’t moving. As he loped toward the road, he heard a little girl crying her heart out. Then another young voice rose over the caterwauling.

Wake up! You’d better not die and leave us here—not like our real mamm did!”


I have only 3 words to say about An Amish Christmas Quilt.  I loved it! This book is a collection of holiday themed stories.

My favorite of the three was the first, A Willow Ridge Christmas Pageant. The live nativity just brought tears to my eyes. It was lovely.

A Perfect Amish Christmas has a little bit of matchmaking. That's always fun in Amish romance, and it hits the mark here too. 

This collection is a wonderful edition to anyone's collection of Amish fiction/romance. It was a wonderful way to pass an afternoon, especially when you want to get into the holiday spirit, the right way.

Rating: 5 stars 


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jennifer Beckstrand

Jennifer Beckstrand is the bestselling author of The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill series and the Forever After in Apple Lake series, set in two Amish communities in beautiful Wisconsin. She has always been drawn to the strong faith and the enduring family ties of the Plain people and loves writing about the antics of Anna and Felty Helmuth, the two scheming Amish grandparents who try to help their grandchildren find suitable mates in Huckleberry Hill. Who would ever suspect two elderly Amish folks of mischief?

Jennifer has a degree in mathematics, which comes in handy when one of her six children needs help with algebra. After twenty-five years of being a chauffeur, cook, maid, and nurse, she embarked on a writing career. Jennifer is a member of Romance Writers of America and is represented by Mary Sue Seymour of The Seymour Agency.

She and her husband have been married for thirty years, and she has four daughters, two sons, and two adorable grandsons, whom she spoils rotten.

You can find out more about Jennifer and her books by going to her website: or visiting her Facebook page: Jennifer Beckstrand Fans.

Twitter: @JenniferBeckst1

Charlotte Hubbard

Many moons ago—like, in 1983 while I was still a school librarian—I sold my first story to True Story magazine. This launched me into writing about seventy of those “true confessions” stories over the years, and I’ve been a slave to my overactive imagination ever since. My stories invariably take on a life of their own, different from the way I’ve proposed them: I love it when unforeseen characters and plot twists come along, because they keep me guessing right along with my readers!

I love touring historic homes, trying new recipes, crocheting, and playing with my border collie Ramona—although it’s humbling, having a dog smarter than I am! I’m an ordained Presbyterian deacon, and I devote a lot of time to singing in my church choir and to practicing/performing with our percussion ensemble. I’m celebrating more than thirty-five years with my husband, who—bless him—has never once suggested I get a real job!

Buy Links:

Kensington Books:

The Book Depository:


Barnes & Noble:





Kensington Books:


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Goddess Fish Promotions: A Curvy Girls Guide To Love

Curvy Girl’s Guide to Love Trilogy:
Countess Curvy: A Curvy Girl's Earl, and Boss Likes Curves: A Curvy Girl's Billionaire, and Curvy's Cad: A Curvy Girl's Mistake?
by Kristabel Reed


Countess Curvy: A Curvy Girl's Earl

Audrey Mills is in London to organize a charity fashion event, where she meets Duncan Collins, the Earl of Thronhill. Confident in her curves, Audrey doesn't expect Duncan to want more than a holiday fling. But when things begin to heat up, will she panic and run?

Boss Likes Curves: A Curvy Girl's Billionaire

VP of Development, Sabrina McKenna, has worked hard to get where she is with Gideon Hotels. When Gideon Marquez asks her to attend several important business functions, Sabrina agrees. It's only after 2 months of these functions that she realizes they've been dating. And she's fallen hard for her boss. Can Gideon convince her what he feels for her is forever? Or will Sabrina's insecurities make her flee?

Curvy's Cad: A Curvy Girl's Mistake?

Eliza Lyons isn't interested in Craig Grant's attentions beyond the platonic. He's a playboy and boy does she know better. They lunch, they gossip, he tells her things about her current dates she doesn't want to hear and she thinks he'll never outgrow his playboy ways. Then Craig lays down the gauntlet and informs her he intends to show her what a real seduction is.


Countess Curvy: A Curvy Girl’s Earl:

That was cruel, Ms. Mills,” Thornhill stated. His eyes twinkled with amusement, and a slow smile spread over his lips. “You’d curse me to an evening of inane conversation, followed by inappropriate groping?”

You don’t strike me as a man to shun inappropriate groping,” Audrey added with a smile of her own.

Well…not from the right woman.” He pushed off the wall, all coiled grace and sex.

Audrey studied him for a long moment. Suddenly their conversation had turned from a game of fun flirting to more. Much more. She came to the astonishing conclusion that this shockingly handsome tall drink of deliciousness was actually into her. She could feel her eyes widen as she looked up at him.

Come now, Ms. Mills.” Thornhill took a step closer, his gaze steady on hers. “I can’t believe you aren’t pursued every waking moment.”

I must admit while I’m used to the delivery man or the odd photographer appreciating my curvaceous figure,” Audrey was surprised her voice held steady. “You are my very first…earl.”

It’s good to be first.” His smile was slow and suggestive, and it took Audrey more than one moment to look away from his lips. What would they feel like against hers? What did he taste like? She licked her own lips at the thought, and then regretted it when his eyes followed the move.

Maybe not regret, not if the rush of heat through her was any indication. No definitely not regret.

So, what do you say?” Thornhill asked, his voice low, a caress over her bare skin. “Will you rescind your rejection and accompany me to dinner tonight?”

A million things went through Audrey’s mind—everything from Is he joking? to Can I really do this? It would be such a fantasy to enjoy this man, to joke with him, to kiss him. To have him. Audrey had never really fallen headlong into the self-esteem chubby girl trap, but she still knew full well that this type of pairing never happened. Never.

She tore her gaze from his mouth, a small, thin voice telling her that wondering what he tasted like was the last damn thing she should be wondering. “Between two evils, I always pick the one I’ve never tried before.” The Mae West quote raced through her mind, and she heard herself saying, “I suppose it would nice to experience London with a native.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kristabel Reed lives on the East Coast and loves to explore the steamier side of historical romance. Historical ménages in particular-they add an element of danger and discovery to make them all the hotter. Contemporary ménages are a world unto themselves, and her upcoming Havenbrook Ménages Series will tell the tale of a small California town.

She loves reading, watching old movies, and anything Cary Grant. And is always interested in talking about erotic romance. Because...yum!

Join in the conversation! Wickedly Wanton Tales Blog and to join my mailing list. Follow me on Twitter:






Countess Curvy: A Curvy Girl's Earl
Buy Links:

Boss Likes Curves: A Curvy Girl's Billionaire

Buy Links:

Curvy's Cad: A Curvy Girl's Mistake?
Buy Links:

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Doctor Who In Review: Dark Water (And It is full of spoilers)

All is revealed


But there are more questions then there are answers when part one of series 8's finale ended.

Sure we know who Missy is now. Though as much as I was hoping for another answer to this question, I think we all knew who Missy was from the beginning.

And something rather nasty happened to Danny Pink (Ok...why was I so excited about that bit) which leads Clara to do something pretty nasty to the Doctor. And please, does "I love you" have to be the focal point of their story. I still want to know what these two have in common, besides teaching.

Seriously Clara, I could not hate you much more than I did about 10 minutes into this episode. If I were the Doctor, I would have dropped you out a window or something. But yeah, the Doctor likes you for some stupid reason, that no one has quite figured out.

The Cybermen are returning, and frankly this is one way that Moffatt has excelled. The concept of dark water makes the episode great for viewing, especially the day after Halloween.

The Nethersphere is a creepy place and I love how Moffat makes death even scarier. Erm...suddenly cremation doesn't look like a great option.

I almost felt sorry when they got around to Danny's secret. Well, it wasn't really a secret. We all knew after meeting him that he killed someone and that it affected him a great deal.

But the annoying thing about this episode is not really knowing where it is going.

1. We know Missy is the Master but we don't know how that happened or why she's part of the Nethersphere.

2. What is she doing with the Cybermen.

3. Is Danny really dead....somehow I don't think so.

4. When are we going to find out if Clara Oswald is really Clara Oswald. Nearly all the great teasers they showed were from part two and we really don't know much of anything about what Missy is up to.

So may little time.