Saturday, November 1, 2014

Doctor Who In Review: Dark Water (And It is full of spoilers)

All is revealed


But there are more questions then there are answers when part one of series 8's finale ended.

Sure we know who Missy is now. Though as much as I was hoping for another answer to this question, I think we all knew who Missy was from the beginning.

And something rather nasty happened to Danny Pink (Ok...why was I so excited about that bit) which leads Clara to do something pretty nasty to the Doctor. And please, does "I love you" have to be the focal point of their story. I still want to know what these two have in common, besides teaching.

Seriously Clara, I could not hate you much more than I did about 10 minutes into this episode. If I were the Doctor, I would have dropped you out a window or something. But yeah, the Doctor likes you for some stupid reason, that no one has quite figured out.

The Cybermen are returning, and frankly this is one way that Moffatt has excelled. The concept of dark water makes the episode great for viewing, especially the day after Halloween.

The Nethersphere is a creepy place and I love how Moffat makes death even scarier. Erm...suddenly cremation doesn't look like a great option.

I almost felt sorry when they got around to Danny's secret. Well, it wasn't really a secret. We all knew after meeting him that he killed someone and that it affected him a great deal.

But the annoying thing about this episode is not really knowing where it is going.

1. We know Missy is the Master but we don't know how that happened or why she's part of the Nethersphere.

2. What is she doing with the Cybermen.

3. Is Danny really dead....somehow I don't think so.

4. When are we going to find out if Clara Oswald is really Clara Oswald. Nearly all the great teasers they showed were from part two and we really don't know much of anything about what Missy is up to.

So may little time.

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