Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Doctor Who In Review: Clara Oswald

Clara Oswald has to be one of Doctor Who's most frustrating companions.

She's the Impossible Girl and then after her impossibleness is revealed she becomes impossibly annoying, yet you don't want to hate her, because she is so sassy, and well, she's so darn cute.

I really wish she could have had a full season with 11 before and after her impossibleness, because to me there are a lot of unanswered questions about her, especially after 11s regeneration.

She's a girl that has saved all the Doctor's, yet she can't deal with 12 at the beginning. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Except that the one thing that Moffat drove home in Deep Breath was true, Clara acted like 11 was her boyfriend, and why not, he was a cute bloke, even if he was a 1000 year old alien.

Her personality really started coming out in the "Doctor Trilogy." She had some sass, and she was fun. Then she was tossed with an older, crankier Doctor who just isn't the hottie that 11 was.

The only thing that has improved with Clara in series 8 are her lines. "Run you clever boy" was her only series 7 gem.

The dynamic between Clara and 12 isn't quite what I hoped it would be. Part of the problem being the time spent reminding us that 12 isn't young and hot. The other part of the problem is Danny Pink.  He's a love him or hate him kind of character. Mostly, I hate him, because I think he's much too controlling for Clara. She's such a sassy kind of girl.

I wish she would have been a bit of a companion to 10 in the Anniversary Special. I think they would have been brilliant together.

Personally, I'm longing for an independent companion that doesn't need a significant other to be complete. I think the whole story arc with Danny Pink really weighs Clara down.

Plus I really want to know when she went from nanny to school teacher, and what happened to the kids from series 7?

I hate that Clara was a companion when she felt like it. Or rather every Wednesday or whatever day it was that she chose to travel with 11.

Also if the trailer for the series 8 finale is to be believed, Clara may be more than just an Impossible Girl which makes me want to scream even more. But I have to say, I'm very excited for the final two episodes of this season and even more for the Christmas special. I just hope Clara doesn't turn out to be even more impossible.

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