Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Doctor Who In Review: The Caretaker w/SPOILERS

This episode was bloody brilliant. I don't care what anyone says and everything that is fabulous about it has to do with The Twelfth Doctor.

I love the jabs/banter between 12 and Clara. There are some really great lines in this one and a lot of references to the past.

I loved that he lived among the otters for a month when he had a fight with River. What was even more amusing was the comment that he was the same age as Clara, but he thinks she looks older.

A little impossible girlness going on.

However much I love the banter between these two, Clara and Danny are not the right fit for 12. They just don't work together. I loved when The Doctor took Courtney on a trip in the Tardis. Oddly, Grumpy Doctor and kids work.

And while I'm griping on Clara and Danny, I have to say, there relationship is just unrealistic. At least with the Ponds, you could see the love between Amy and Rory, but Clara declaring love after a few dates, is just not right, especially when we don't see any reason for her to say it. (Other than them seeing that other Pink fellow at the end of the universe).

I am getting more anxious to see how The Doctor's dislike of soldiers and PE teachers is going to figure in as the series goes on, as well as Missy and The Nethersphere.

But a review of this episode wouldn't be complete without a mention of Adrian. The Eleventh Doctor look a like, complete with a bowtie, which, by the way, are still cool.

It was an enjoyable episode, but I'm still waiting for the writers to deliver the goods for Mr. Capaldi, who deserves a hell of a lot better than the scripts he's gotten for this series.

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