Monday, October 27, 2014

Doctor Who In Review: In The Forest Of The Night

I very seldom find Doctor Who a waste of my hour, but In The Forest Of The Night, might come close to being one of those episodes.

It did have its moments though they were few and far between.

I have learned a few things in series 8.

Peter Capaldi needs a better companion and I'm not knocking Jenna Coleman in any way. She's just the cutest little thing ever, but the writers are doing her a huge disservice.

She has the potential to be great, but instead they have to give her a boyfriend that is so mediocre. She's The Impossible Girl. Danny Pink is just so meh! I am not a Rose Tyler fan, but I think I like her much better than Mr. Pink.

I also wish they would have given us a reason why Clara and Danny like each other. Its the most unbelievable relationship ever. The word love got tossed around so early on, that I thought Doctor Who, might be turning into a romcom.

Then there's the whole Clara acting like Danny saves the world bit, that is also getting old..first with the Caretaker and now here with the tiger.

Steven Moffatt needs to stop with all the story arcs. You know there's something about Danny that's going to affect the world and the whole Nethersphere/Missy thing that's about to come to a head in the finale, but we've spent 11 episodes and I feel we've only gotten to know Clara and not 12. (I mean other than he is the Grumpy Cat of Doctor Who)

Sadly In The Forest of the Night can be reduced to a few great lines...

Peter Capaldi deserves so much better than this!

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