Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Second Chance Romances

I am losing my love for romance novels, which kind of makes me sad, because I've been reading this genre since I was a teen.

Its the second chance romances that are starting to get to me.

I think its all the angst of grown women not getting over their teenage loves that irks me the most. I know it can happen, but Lordy when the woman, and its always the woman, never even tries because she's so desperately in love with a guy from her past...well, that is a little sickening.

I like my romances to have more than a little bit of real life to them.

I'd love to see normal people falling in love, not billionaires or Navy SEALS. NORMAL folks. People that may have worked through issues that they had and came back to one another.

Second chance romances can work, but they have to make sense.  I really feel these types of stories work better when the characters are more mature.

I'm griping about this because an author that I usually love wrote a book with a second chance situation. The characters were fine. I really liked both, but two young adults that screwed up and then did nothing to fix the situation doesn't make for a good second chance, plus the heroine....never really moved on.

I know romance novels are rooted in fantasy, and for the most part I'm fine with that, but sometimes there has to be some reality involved or it turns into more of a fairy tale in my book.

Do you like romances that involve second chances?

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