Saturday, December 17, 2016

TV Review: Hairspray Live

Hairspray Live! is probably the only NBC musical event that they couldn't kill and they didn't.

It featured an all star cast that included the likes of Kristin Chenoweth , Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Martin Short and Harvey Firestein and new comer Maddie Baillio as Tracy Turnblad

I have a huge issue with the way these live musicals work on tv, because the hosts or whatever they are called have to be all perky and happy at the commercial breaks.

But as for the musical...well there are some things that just didn't sit well with me, and it had nothing to do with  the music or the singing, I'd say all the performers were pretty spot on and delivered a pretty close to perfect performance.

What I found annoying were the way some of the characters were portrayed.

I found I liked Michelle Pffiefer's Mrs. Von Tussele more evil sounding...whereas Kristen Chenoweth came across as bitchy, which was the same for Amber.

Probably the most surprising and sometimes disappointing performance was Ariana Grande as Penny. She was freaking adorable in the role, until she talks and she turns into Cat again. ARGH!

Martin Short was awesome as Mr. Turnblad, almost as good as Christopher Walken. He was beyond lovable.

The other character I wasn't fond of was Link. Garrett Clayton didn't have the charisma of Zac Efron. Don't get me wrong, he had the hot factor going on. I admit to feeling like a cougar watching him, but I just didn't fall in love for him the way I did with Zac's Link.

Harvey Fierstein's Edna is one I had a love/hate relationship with. Yes, he played Edna on Broadway and won a Tony for it, but Travola's Edna was more motherly and lovable.

Overall, this was a fun night of music, not much to complain about.

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