Monday, February 13, 2017

TV Review: An Uncommon Grace

I'm not usually a Hallmark movies and mysteries kind of girl, but when you toss Amish into the mix, well, I had to watch, and hey it was Sunday night and the Grammy Awards were the only thing on.

Sean Faris stars as the super hunky Levi Troyer, the Amish man that's questioning his super conservative Amish faith.

Jes Macallan plays Grace, who drove me crazy because she reminded me of Mary McCormack from In Plain Sight. Everything about Jes' portrayal of Grace reminded me of Mary Shannon.

She was kind of badass, but in a nice kind of way. She's home from  the Army and contemplating re-enlisting while her grandmother is recovering from a heart attack.

Levi comes home to discover his stepfather murdered and his mother shot. He rushes to his neighbors where he meets Grace, who is an Army nurse.

Grace saves his mother's life and soon becomes a part of Levi's life and his family while the police search for the killer.

There's definitely a huge mystery here with a lot of clues pointing you right to who the killer was along with the red herring that might send you attention elsewhere.

Then there's Levi's church. Oh what a hateful bunch of Amish. The bishop was evil and you could only describe his daughter as a bitch. She had a smug look on her face in every scene, like she was entitled to marry Levi. (Although who wouldn't want to marry Levi)

The movie was enjoyable, but there were a lot of things that were off, if you are someone that knows something about the Amish. If you don't, well then this is just a very sweet movie.

The romance seems more on Levi's side. So when love is declared its amazing to find that the feelings are returned.

I found Levi to be the real star of the show. His conflicted feelings for his religion and for Grace really deepened your feelings for his character.

Grace was...well...Mary McCormack.   She was smart, caring and just the kind of person you want to have your back.

She has her sister's back when she gets involved in something that's a lot over her head, which leads to some tense moments at the end of the film.

This movie was based on a book, which I had to order as soon as I knew it existed.

I recommend this film if only to look at Sean Faris for a few hours.                                      

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