Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

OK, I'm a sucker for cozy mysteries.

When I was growing up my mother loved watching Diagnosis Murder, Murder She Wrote, Matlock and Father Dowling. So it is easy to see where my love for this genre has come from.

I love that Hallmark plays these shows, as well as Monk, which is one of my very favorite shows, along with Psych. Oh how I miss good mysteries that weren't all cops and detectives all the time.

I started watching some of the new movies that Hallmark is doing. Some are quite good and others, well they are pretty bad.

I like Lori Loughlin's Garage Sale Mysteries. I really wish there were more books to the series that this set of movies is based on.

I'm up in the air with the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, cos I really dislike Candace Cameron Bure.

Then there's Murder She Baked, which is based on the awesome Joanne Fluke novels feature the character Hannah Swenson. I could go one for hours about how bad these are. I've read most of the books and everything about the casting is off, as well as The Cookie Jar. I can't even watch these, they are so painful. (Well at least to anyone that has read the books)

I think I like the shows that don't have a series of books attached to them, because like movies the books are always better.

What's your favorite Hallmark Mystery?

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