Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Political Rant Ahead

In the past two weeks I've determined that every member of the government needs to be fired, tea party and republicans first.

Why is it so hard to agree on tax revenues for the wealthy?


They make more, therefore they should pay more, and isn't some of these huge corporations that took bailouts and don't pay any taxes anyway?

For the love of all that is holy, what is wrong with people!!!!

We are living in a country that is losing its middle class.

The median income of the town I live in is less than $25,000, which is POVERTY LEVEL. A good deal of these are seniors, and we want to mess with Social Security...a program that hasn't given a cost of living adjustment in years!

Essentially our country says, Fuck You! if you are poor or old.

The more political stuff I see and read, the angrier I get. AT BOTH PARTIES. I want to like Obama, but he doesn't have enough spine. I can't like the Repugnant ones because they don't give a shit about anyone except the people lining their pockets.

What a sad sorry state we our in..and even when the debt ceiling is passed, and it better be or we are all fucked...it will just be another few months before this BS starts again!

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