Monday, September 5, 2011

Another Letter To Sarah Palin & The Teaparty

Dear Sarah Palin and  all the crazy Tea Party candidates,

A few things.

1. Wanting to have social programs in a country does not make you a socialist, it makes you responsible.

2. Poor does not = Lazy.

3. If you are going to speechify about what you would do if you were in office, this means you, Sarah, tell us what you'd do..not that you'd do it.

4. If you are going to through your hat in the ring, do it now, or get off my tv screen.

5. If you are running, please have the decency of possessing at least 4 functioning brain cells. Michelle Bachman, that means you need to back out.

6. Explain why cutting education is such a good thing when Americans are lagging behind in the world?


A citizen that would like to see a good candidate running for office

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