Friday, December 23, 2011

I Found A Funny @ Groupon

Take a look at this guide to Body Language from the Groupon website.

I love how snarky this is..

To communicate, humans use body language 95% of the time and slogans they learned from pizza commercials for the other 5%. Communicate clearly using this guide to the language of the human body:

• Holding Hands: Couples are often seen holding hands during the beginning stages of a relationship because they're trying to memorize each other’s fingerprints—a critical part of the test to get a marriage license. For non-couples, holding hands is a way to gauge each other's hand sweat; whoever is sweating less is not as alive as the other person and should be rushed to the nearest adrenaline-producing skate park.

• Crossing Your Arms: Crossing your arms holds your organs in, letting people know that you love yourself for what’s on the inside, not just for your good outer looks.

• Hugging: People used to wrap their arms around each other so that they could punch each other in the back more easily without their sympathetic-looking faces getting in the way. Today, hugging is taboo, because it just looks too disgusting to see two grown adults embrace each other.

• Shaking Your Head: Shaking your head slowly lets people know that something is "a crying shame," and shaking your head vigorously means that you just had such a sick thought that you're trying to shake your brain out of your skull

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