Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thoughts About Amazon Reviews

I hate posting reviews to Amazon. That's why I have blogs. That's why I have an account with goodreads. Amazon is so full of drama. Right of the bat you can tell that most people posting reviews there aren't doing it for the love of the product, be it a CD, book, movie...etc. They are doing it for attention.

Reviews aren't meant to be directed at other reviews.

I hate when I see the first line as, I don't know what all the other 5 star reviewers saw in this...etc.

Uh. No. That isn't how a review should be done.

That's called picking fights with other users on the site, and that's a crappy thing to do.

Amazon is not a social network, it is a store. Reviews are supposed to help people decide what to buy, not start fights.

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