Friday, August 17, 2012

Single Review: Matchbox Twenty - She's So Mean

Have you ever heard a song by a band that you absolutely love that makes you think, OMGWTF happened to them?

Well, it has happened to Matchbox Twenty, with their new song She's So Mean.

It isn't that there is anything wrong with the song if you compare it to all the other songs being played on the radio. It is catchy and it will worm its way into your head, but it is so fluffy, and that's not what you come to expect from Rob Thomas and the rest of the Matchbox Twenty boys. These are the guys that did "3 a.m.," "If You're Gone," and "Unwell," along with a host of other songs. They wrote songs that had substance. This song has none of that. Sure it is a fun listen, and yes, it is wonderful to have new material from the guys, but fluff is not what Matchbox Twenty usually does.

It makes you wonder if the guys are trying for chart success rather than putting out quality music. I mean they are hitting that age where the industry stops caring.

It is just a shame that they have come to this. The only good thing is that even when putting out potboilers, Matchbox Twenty still rocks.

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