Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Album Review: Mr. Saxophone - I Sneeze In Threes

Artist: Mr. Saxophone
Album: I Sneeze In Threes
Review by Andrea Guy

Fun, fabulous and funny are three words that can best describe the music on Mr. Saxophone's latest release I Sneeze In Threes. While the album is geared towards the kiddos in your life, the songs will appeal to just about everyone.

The album features three parodies that will have mom and dad grinning as they listen. "Luke, I Am Your Father" is a geek's dream parody.  It will be hard to listen to "Smoke On The Water" the same after hearing this one.  While the original tune isn't as catchy as Weird Al's American Pie parody "The Saga Begins" it will still appeal to the sci fi geeks out there.

The most fun parody is "The Gila."  The interview with the gila monster is the perfect intro to the "Tequila" melody.

The final parody is "Gravy Stain." The title should inspire some groans from Ozzy Osborne fans. This song is just slightly disappointing because most people with a knowledge of the song know how hard it rocks. The funny lyrics make up for it though, and if you can put aside the fact that the guitars aren't wailing enough to appreciate the humor, it really is an excellent, if not super silly parody of the classic rock tune.

There will be a few giggles by those listening that are old enough to get the humor when you hear "ancient Chinese secret." which appeared in Calgon detergent commercials in the 1970s.

Step back to the 60s for the psychedelic title track. This song will give allergy sufferers something to smile about as Mr. Saxophone sings about the misery that accompanies this sneezes. It is rather surprising that "I Sneeze In Threes" is the track that closes out the album. It could be a matter of saving the best for last, but there's so much good going on that it doesn't matter.

"Mothership" is a homage to 70's funk that is all about making you get your groove on. It is a groovy way to open the album. This song is simply serious fun, or maybe fun with a serious message. Whichever way you choose to think of this song, you won't forget how much fun it is to listen to.

The songs aren't all silly though. "Earth & Sky Lullaby" has a beautiful ethereal melody that will probably appeal more to the grown ups then the kids. This song is proof that Mr. Saxophone can do more than make you laugh. This ballad has is part psychedelic and part progressive rock.

The jazzy "Hugs & Kisses" has a touch of childish innocence. This song was written by Shepard Stern and appeared on the Disney Babies Playtime album in 1991.

This album is such a fun listen because it easily breaks all the age barriers. There are only one or two songs that scream out, well, sing out that they are for kids. One of those songs is "What's That Sound." The song is full of sounds of every variety. This is a definite winner for the younger set.

I Sneeze In Threes is more than just an album for the kids to enjoy. It is much more than that. Mr. Saxophone has tapped into a little secret, a lot of kids like the same music that their parents like. The touches of whimsy and the great parodies make this an album fall all ears. Whatever your reason for listening to the album, you'll be sure to be pleased at the end.

So grab a copy and stick it in your CD player and leave it there. You won't be embarrassed when it comes on when  you're driving around with your friends instead of your kids.

Rating: 5 (out of 5 stars)

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