Monday, July 1, 2013

The Sixth Doctor and Why You Should Love Him

Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor is a whole lot more awesome than some people would like you to believe.

Here are some reasons why you should love this guy.

1. The totally insane outfit. Very eye catching...or rather very painful on the eyes and yet it is fun.

2. He's a fighter. To those that think that The Doctor is all peace and harmony..well they missed Colin Baker's tenure, because he really kicked some ass.

3. Crazy companions...Peri and her rather revealing costumes and Mel and her carrot juice. Poor guy...can't win.

4. For all the fangirls out there, Colin was actually kinda cute in that Greatest American Hero kinda way.

5. There were some really great episodes..The Trial Of A Time Lord and Timelash

Those are five good go give The Sixth Doctor some love!

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