Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Let's Talk About Music

I've been in a listening slump lately. My favorite artists won't have albums out until later in the year, and the music scene has been rather ho hum for me in the early part of this year.

I've only been occasionally struck by a song, but not interested enough to buy a whole album, especially if it isn't an artist that I'm already in love with.

I've been doing more single song purchases than I ever have before, which is kind of distressing to me. That means most of the music I've been hearing just doesn't have the spark needed to get me really excited.

I admit to totally loving Josh Groban's Brave...for the adult contemporary genre that song really packs a wallop. I can never fault Mr. Groban's voice. His is truly one of the worlds many wonders, but the other clips from All That Echoes failed to impress me enough to part with my money.

I'm on the fence with Darius Rucker's True Believers. I was never a fan of Hootie & The Blowfish...I had another name for that group actually...which I won't say here. However once those fishies left, I found the slightly more countrified Darius to be a great listen.

I never fail to sing along with "Wagon Wheel" There's such a great feel good vibe to that song. I don't know why I've been putting off this one, because I actually like the clips I've heard from this one. Maybe its just a "Money is tight" kinda thing.

But no matter how I look at it, music has been disappointing to me lately and I've been buying more single songs than albums.

What songs or albums have really wowed you this year?  Which do you buy more of; singles or albums?

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