Thursday, December 24, 2015

Movie Review: The Holiday

The Holiday is this year's foray into festive movies this year. I'm not sure how I missed it as it has two of my favorite celebrities starring in it.
, ha
I love Jude Law. He's just so darn pretty. I also love Kate Winslet, with the exception of that movie about that dumb boat that sank.

This movie was sweet and stupid and for the most part enjoyable. It does feel a little long though.

The premise involves two ladies who have just had their hearts broken in one way or another. They swap houses for a few weeks and both end up finding new love in the other person's life/home.

Kate Winslet as Iris, really got the short end of the stick in this film. First she had a super hot guy that wasn't in love with her they way she wanted him to be and then she ends up with Miles, played by Jack Black. Granted, he's the guy you'd really want to end up with . He's average and really nice and fun and not much baggage.

Cameron Diaz as Amanda, is annoying and of course she gets Graham, played by the super hot, Jude Law. Graham is also Iris' brother, a widower with two young daughters.

Amanda's story is the sexy story with very little substance, other than her falling in love and being able to finally cry. WTF! Iris and Miles have more substance to their romance that includes helping an aging filmwriter, Arthur.

Both Iris and Miles have to deal with the other people in their lives and that makes their story a bit more substantial. In the two weeks, Iris and Miles know each other, you feel like they actually get to know each other and may possibly even have something in common. With Amanda and Graham it feels more like great sex.

So this movie is about as fluffy as a holiday Harlequin, and that is possibly being a bit insulting to the Harlequin, it is still a cozy chick flick with a lot of eye candy for anyone watching or being forced to watch.

Rating: 3 stars

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