Monday, January 11, 2016

Reflections On David Bowie

There are some people that you can't even fathom not being in the world until they are gone. Your family members are always part of that group, but then there are celebrities that you feel the same way for, David Bowie was one of those people

His music spanned decades and he was one of an elite group of people that could still be relevant at 69.

His music was brilliant, quirky, sometimes cheesy, but always listenable and always noteworthy. He was someone you not only listened to, you watched.

His movies weren't always good, but they were memorable and something to talk about. No one will ever forget him or his tights in Labyrinth. He was The Goblin King!

Its hard to put into words what the music this man means to the world, even when it was a simple Christmas duet done with Bing Crosby or another duet done with Mick Jagger. You have to be deaf to be unaware of his contribution to music.

I was lucky to have seen him in concert in Pittsburgh in 2004 at the Benedum Center. It wasn't my favorite show, but it had nothing to do with his performance which was stellar. I saw him in his tour for The Outside as well with NIN opening for him. That was an even less stellar show as the NIN fans were so disrespectful of his genius and because Bowie wasn't playing his classic songs much on that tour. It didn't help much that his new album was just out so the audience wasn't familiar with the material.

But that was Bowie, he was a chameleon and he did whatever he wanted to do.

He will be missed

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