Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Fantastic Restaurant In Lancaster, PA

A Fantastic Restaurant In Lancaster, PA

I was recently in the city of Lancaster on a weekend getaway from my dull as dishwater life, and while walking around downtown, I discovered Isaac's Restaurant & Deli

Its a restaurant like Primanti's if you are a Pittsburgher. Great sandwiches, great atmosphere and from the looks of the bevvies around me when I was dining there, great drinks from The Pickle Bar too.

You walk into this place and you feel like your in your hometown deli, only its spiffier than any place in my part of Pennsylvania.

You're given a small plate of pickles and pickled veggies to nibble on while you wait for your sandwiches and let me tell you, if they wanted to keep refilling that little plate they could. Mmm. This girl loves pickles! And no, there's nothing occupying my uterus!

I ordered the Rainbow Parrot combo and a vanilla iced coffee. Mmmm, the iced coffee was pure heaven, not to sweet but just enough vanilla to make the coffee nommy. The sandwich was delightful. Its corned beef on pumpernickel with melted Muenster cheese, crunchy cole slaw and fresh onions, tomatoes and lettuce, all topped with Thousand Island dressing. OMG this sandwich is to die for.

But let me not forget the other part of my combo; corn chowder, made from locally grown sweet corn. It was the most incredible corn chowder. Not to creamy with peppers and onions and loads of tasty corn.

Isaac's was truly a great discovery for me on this trip to the most beautiful part of Pennsylvania. If you are in south central PA, look for one of the many restaurants scattered throughout the 6 counties. There are 20 Isaac's! But really, if you are in downtown Lancaster, seek out this place! Its worth every last bite

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