Monday, August 31, 2009

Some Things Really Freak Me Out

Some Things Really Freak Me Out

Its been awhile since we've heard anything from country/pop princess, Shania Twain. I know some of you have really been happy about that, and others not. But what has she been doing in the last year or so, since the news broke of "Mutt" Lange's affair with their longtime secretary and manager of the couple's Swiss chateau, Marie-Anne Thiebaud?

She's spent her time traveling, reading and spending time with her 8 year old Eja and she has a new companion too. His name is Fred.

Now upon seeing that, I thought, Shania has got herself a puppy! How sweet.

But no, Fred isn't a pup. Nope, he's the ousted husband of her husband stealing secretary, Marie-Anne Thiebaud.

WTF is up with that.

Yup Fred is Frederic Thiebaud.

That's kinda like the plot of a really bad romance novel. And when I say bad, I mean really bad.

But then again the gossip is so hilarious what else could you be reminded of?

Shania is quoted as saying...

"He has been the most constant companion of support for both [8-year-old son] Eja and me, and having gone through the suffering of his family splitting apart at the same time under the same extreme circumstances, he understood me better than anyone," she writes. "We leaned on one another through the ups and downs, taking turns holding each other up. We've become stronger and closer through it all."

Since both their families were torn apart by their spouses' affair, Twain and Thiebaud -- whom a friend "affectionately" refers to as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo -- have been spotted vacationing with her family in Canada, New York City and Florida.


Anyone think the Thiebauds just want the money?

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