Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Results Not Typical

Results Not Typical

I was leafing through a copy of Woman's Day today, because I was bored and had nothing to read that was keeping my interest, when I happened upon an ad for Jenny Craig.

Now I have to admit I've always been intrigued by these weight loss places where you buy certain food and you lose weight. If I had the money I would probably try it, because like millions of other women, I'm fighting the battle of the pudge!

But it wasn't really the necessity to shed a few pounds that drew me to the ad featuring Phylicia Raschad. She Phylicia has lost 35 lbs on the program. The ad didn't say how long it took for her to lose that weight but in fairly noticeable print it said "results not typical."


35 lbs isn't a large amount of weight. Most people I know what to lose, 30lbs or more. So what is that saying about the plan?

How much can you be expected to lose, if following the regimen won't typically allow you to lose 35 lbs?

It certainly doesn't make good sense. I mean it could say that these results are possible if you combine the plan with exercise, but saying that such a small amount of weight isn't typical kind of smacks of saying, this diet doesn't work. It also leaves me wondering what their typical results are.

I guess it really should reaffirm the weight loss theory that I have. "Stop shoveling food in your gaping pie hole and exercise a little and you'll lose weight"

Gimmicks and expensive diets don't work!

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