Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For The Love Of Books

For The Love Of Books

There is one thing that you shouldn't do when you don't have a lot of time and that's try to reorganize your book collection, especially if your collection is quite large, like mine is. I have hardbacks, paperbacks and trade paperbacks. They take over the house, quite literally, and this is before we take into account the fact that my mother's cookbook collection also resides in the same house I do.

Its not pretty.

And I'm running out of space.

I've sent out pleas to friends begging for suggestions on better ways to store my books. The conventional means ie: bookshelves just aren't cutting it. I've even tried changing the way I shelve the books. No more library style for me. I'm going straight up and down and yes, that's given me a bit more space, but not nearly enough.

Could I possibly have done this over the long weekend?

No, that would be too easy and I don't do easy things. That's not fun. I like to make messes, the bigger the piggier the better.

The size of the mess doesn't matter. What matters is that I find homes for my books. I only pass along the cheesy Harlequins to other ladies that read them. My Nocturnes and Historicals and Chicklit books stay with me. (So do all the hardbacks)

I'm very particular about who I loan my books out to and even who I give them too, which is why so few actually leave my possession.

I love my books and I want to give them a good home, in my home. So, as I sit by the computer, surrounded by scads of books now out of their element, wondering how I'll get to bed because THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! I ask all of you. What are some good storage ideas for books. I'm not in the mood to hammer together another book shelf. I don't have that kind of patience. My old corner desk is falling apart and needs to go soon, which will displace even more books.

So ladies and gents, help a wench out. I need cheap, easily assembled or no assembly required book storage. Give me links! Give me prices! Give me SANITY! Give me my fricken' bed back!!!!

I need more than advice now, I need help! I probably need a 12 step program!

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