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Album Review: Leeny and Tamara - Sharing The Same Stars

Album Review: Leeny and Tamara - Sharing The Stars

It's hard to find music for those kiddies that aren’t quite ready for Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers but have outgrown the more childlike melodies. Well, that’s where Leeny and Tamara and Sharing The Same Stars come in. These ladies are bringing this fun rock and pop album to the little ones and they are bringing along a good message or learning experience for the ride, and the best part is that the kids won’t even notice the educational bits as they listen to the catchy tunes.

Take the song Your Epidermis Is Showing, for instance. Not only are your kids going to be able to sing out E-P-I-D-E-R-M-I-S, they are even going to know what it is before they get to health class! It's Cool To Be You reminds us all that it's good and cool to be unique. Ladybug, Ladybug Ladybu-u-ug has a fun 60s pop feel to it that will have everyone singing and clapping along and don’t think you won’t come away from that song not knowing a little big more about those cute little insects, because you will! Were there any sore losers in your play group? Dinah Sore Loser will make you giggle, and not just at the clever pun.

Sharing The Same Stars is an album of 14 songs and every one of them will bring a smile to little faces. What makes the album so good? It's really a combination of things. At the top of the list is the fact that all the songs have a sound that isn’t like your run of the mill children’s record. The songs are truly pop songs for kids and kids' issues. Little Sister is one that any big sister can relate to, and with the 50’s girl group vibe it will have mom’s and grandmom’s singing along to. But the best track is for the “potty training” crew. You can’t listen to Hold It without cracking a smile, especially as you envision a child wishing they were a bird just so they could…well, go. Another thing that sets Leeny and Tamara apart from so many other children’s artists is that they don’t sing in that happy-go-lucky sing-song style that makes moms and dads run from the music. These two ladies have killer voices that are truly a pleasure to listen to no matter what your age. They sing in every style imaginable on this album so you’re bound to find at least one song to suit you fancy on Sharing The Same Stars.

So if you have some little ones that are longing for some new music, look to Leeny and Tamara and start Sharing The Same Stars with them. The music will brighten your day and help the little ones learn a few things while they sing and dance to the music and have a rocking good time. We even promise not to tell the adults that they will be having the same rocking good time as the kids. This CD should be in the collections of any parent with young kids.

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Rating: (9.5/10)
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