Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Billy Ray Is A Big Ole Whiner

Have you read the headlines where Billy Ray Cyrus states "Hannah Montana Destroyed My Family"?

For the love of God, Billy Ray, you know the industry. You've seen what it has done to other tween girls, yet Miley wen to that audition, and you took part in the show. Hell, Billy Ray, you were by far more entertaining than she was in the show.

Now that she's all grown up, with a taste of the hugeness that celebrity brings, you say it has wrecked your family.

Whose fault is it?

Besides Disney for creating all of these TV Show/Musician monsters with little or no talent.

I think the blame should partly fall on you.

You were the parent.

So was Tish.

You chose to let your child follow this path.

She's 18 now and is heading down the path of screwupville.

Guess whose fault that is too.

Stop whining...and start putting your life Miley has someone to lean on when her life goes BOOM! a'la Lindsey Lohan or Britney Speers.

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