Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Must See TV

I have to admit that I've got really strange taste when it comes to TV. I like some UK shows and I have a few shows during the week that I absolutely must watch.

Here's a few of the shows I'm currently obsessing over.

Mike And Molly Poster 11x17 Master Print
I absolutely adore Mike and Molly. This is an example of a sitcom at its finest and funniest.

The characters are fun and quirky and not in the least bit airbrushed.

Can I get a yay for real looking people finding love?

Plus Molly's sister is a hoot...just as Mike's partner Carl and his grandma are.  You will find me in front of the telly at 9:30 on Monday's watching this every week.

Castle: The Complete Second SeasonCastle is one of those shows I have a love and hate relationship with.  When theshow is good, it is fabulous, but when it is bad, it puts me to sleep.  The problem is, I've been falling asleep through too many episodes lately.  Even Nathan Fillion's gorgeousness can't keep my eyes open. Worse still, is when they let the sexual angst between Castle and Beckett take over the episode.   I love the characters in this show, but I hate the angst. These two characters can't sleep together or the show would be done. Sure they are attracted to each other, but together they would be a huge train wreck.

Still I have to try, just so they can make jokes about Serenity every few weeks.

Eureka: Season 4.0Eureka is one of Syfy's best shows and one I look forward to every summer.  I  curse the fact that it usually only runs about 8 episodes.

Syfy! Let your cast make some money! More episodes please!

I love that this show has a lot of different elements. It has mystery, relationships, comedy and a touch of the unusual. Plus the cast is fantastic. I love Colin Ferguson. I still can't believe he was cast in the train wreck that was the US version of Coupling!

If you have't given this show a try, you really should!
Hot in Cleveland: Season One

I really wasn't sure what to make of Hot In Cleveland when it first aired last year. It is actually pretty ridiculous. However, ridiculous makes for a great sitcom.  Plus TVLAND has really assembled a great cast.

There's all kinds of personalities in this show....and then there's Betty White.

Betty makes the show.

Betty could carry the show...and sometimes she does.  This is a fun way to waste 30 minutes of a Wednesday night...oh and if you watch this....stick around for Retired at 35...its not as great as Hot In Cleveland, but is is good for a few laughs, especially if you like Shit My Dad Says.

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