Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Frustrations, They Are All I've Got

I had to attend a Safe Child workshop yesterday so I can continue to be a lector in my church. It is the biggest crock of BS I've ever been put through.

I have to have a background check to get up and read in church?


I realize that we all need to be aware that things can happen...I can even stomach the workshop, but to have to have clearance to read, be a Eucharistic minister, or...get this..and usher, I'm sorry, that is just bullshit.

And the workshop is painful to deal with. You have to watch 2 videos where victims speak of their experiences and so do the predators.


I left that workshop with a heavy heart.

See, we had a pastor be accused of some wrongdoing, (not that any of us were told what the allegations were), and seeing the stats that say less than 5% of the accusers are lying hit home.


Because I didn't want to believe this pastor could have done something like this. He was good to our family. I have always considered him a friend.

This meeting really hit me hard. In fact, it won't leave my head.

All that aside, I am left to wonder if members of other religions have to jump through this many hoops just to volunteer at mass?

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Janelle said...

At least the church is taking steps to protect the kids and not the priests doing it.