Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Wenches Rant About The Penn State Abuse Scandal

Dear PSU students,

How can you possibly be sad about the firing of JoPa? Yes, he was a fabulous coach, but the man hid the fact that Sandusky was abusing children from the authorities. HE DID NOTHING!! That is wrong. That is what cost him his job.

What annoys me is that other asshat that saw it happen, that only went to him with the allegation, when he WITNESSED the abuse! The fact that that little asshat is only on administrative leave sickens me.

Actually the whole thing sickens me. Why is football placed higher than the lives and well-being of children?

I guess it is the whole issue that sports come before education. Is it any wonder that we are failing as a nation?

PSU can love your former coach, but please think of kids that were harmed because that beloved man, did nothing to stop the harm...


A rattled wench

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