Saturday, March 24, 2012

Movie Review: Jack And Jill

Adam Sandler does a dual role in Jack and Jill, playing both Jack and Jill Sadelstein. First let me say, Adam Sandler is someone I don't like when it comes to movies. He's like Jim Carrey. There's something totally obnoxious about him. And Adam in drag kinda scared me.

So when the movie really worked in a wacky sort of way, I was very surprised. First, it was more family friendly than most of his movies. Sure, there was a lot of toilet humor, sweat shadows, farting...the usual, but somehow, instead of coming across as icky, it was actually funny. Plus Adam as Jill was actually pretty darn funny. He was helped along by Mrs. Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, who was adorable in this movie.

The really funny part is Al Pachino joins Adam in this film, playing himself, and he falls for Jill. OMGWTFBBQ! While Jill is falling for the Mexican landscaper.

This is definitely a typical Adam Sandler comedy. It is no great acting, but there are some interesting people popping up in it, like Johnny Depp.  Even for a few minutes, Johnny Depp can spice up a lousy film. Some would argue that point, saying this film is utter shite. It might be, but it is light and fluffy shite that the whole family can watch, and its no worse than an hour and a half of The Disney Channel or Nick. So it may not up your intellectual level any, but it may make you laugh and that's probably better anyway.


Janelle said...

It did get Adam Sandler nominated for worst actor and worst actress razzies, but I still want to see it.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I think its worth the redbox rental fee of a buck and a quarter-ish. I laughed a lot.