Sunday, March 25, 2012

Movie Review: Puss N' Boots

Blurb: Years before meeting Shrek and Donkey, the adorable but tricky Puss in Boots must clear his name from all charges making him a wanted fugitive. While trying to steal magic beans from the infamous criminals Jack and Jill, the hero crosses paths with his female match, Kitty Softpaws, who leads Puss to his old friend, but now enemy, Humpty Dumpty. Memories of friendship and betrayal enlarges Puss' doubt, but he eventually agrees to help the egg get the magic beans. Together, the three plan to steal the beans, get to the Giant's castle, nab the golden goose, and clear Puss' name.

Review: Puss N' Boots is really cute for the pre-teen crowd. I'm usually a huge fan of animated films. I love Shrek, Toy Story...anything by Pixar, Dreamworks, etc. This movie was cute, but it was a little too much fairy tale for me.

I mean you've got, Puss, Jack and Jill (and they are pretty evil too), Humpty Dumpty...Jack from Jack and Jill is also the Jack with the bean stalk, oh and lets not forget the goose and the golden eggs.

The story was cute. Puss and Humpty are orphans and they are on a quest for the magic beans..but Humpty turns bad and Puss gets a bad wrap and now wants to clear his name.

Uh yeah...

I expected a lot more out of this film. Puss was such an awesome character in Shrek, and Antonio Banderas makes him such a super sexy kitty. I liked Selma Hayek's Soft Paw too, but I wanted more.

I don't think the 10 and under crowd will have a problem with it. It is cute. But if you are looking for something that is on the lines of Shrek, well, that's not happening hear. This is actually one of the first animated films that I feel is actually for the kids. Most of them seem so grown up.

So if you've got some rugrats, this is a great movie for them. If you like good animation or just Puss...well its pretty good, just not stellar. It is worth the $1.27 Redbox fee.

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