Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Doctor Who In Review: The Snowmen

The Snowmen marks the first companion change since David Tennant left the show.

For the most part viewers are used to different companions for the Christmas specials. It changes things up nicely.

To avoid being to "Spoilery" but to give you a hint of what's going on...we meet Souffle Girl again. Or is it Souffle Girl?

She keeps turning up!

Clara is her name this time round, and she's fiesty and fun.

But more fun then Clara are the Doctor's alien companions, a Sontaran butler Strax and Madame Vastra, a Silurian, who has a human wife, Jenny Flint.

Some of the best moments in the show involve Strax. I have to admit The Doctor doesn't treat him very well, calling him some choice names here and there.

What was nice about this episode involved setting the stage for the coming season. It was none too scary, but rather amusing. It ranks up there with episodes like "Vincent and The Doctor" and "The Unicorn & The Wasp." (Though there aren't any historical characters in this episode)

I always love when The Doctor ends up on Earth in the past, those always seem to be the best episodes. Add the Christmas element and you have good telly for the holiday.

The Snowmen, which are part of the villainy of the episode aren't very scary, but like The Weeping Angels, they'll have you looking at snow creatures in a different fashion from now on.

The episode is solid.

It is fun.

It is Christmasy.

The Doctor is not happy, most likely as a result of the fate of The Ponds, which leaves him a rather unwilling participant in this special.

Moody emo Doctor is not fun and the episodes where this is prevalent usually suffer for it, I'd say that's the case here too. It is a good thing the other characters provide most of the fun in this one.

The ending however will leave all Whovians anxiously awaiting the shows return in April. Moffat is good for those cliffhangers.

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