Friday, December 28, 2012

Random Thoughts About Doctor Who

Since things are changing in Doctor Who world, this Whovian wants to ponder some things about the show and the fandom.

~ Why is there such an extreme need for The Doctor to be all kissy kissy with the companions now? I know it is a thing that didn't happen in the early series, but after the movie and reboot, he's sucking face with everyone, Rory included! (Now that was an interesting visual)

~ Companions: Such hatred focused at so many and such love for others. Yikes! I'm not a fan of Rose Tyler myself or Martha, but they were both pretty good in their parts. I really like companions that don't seem to fall in love with The Doctor. Donna/Amy. I think Clara will be an interesting addition to the show, but I refuse to say who is better than the other. That has to do with chemistry between the actors and how well the scripts are written.

~ OMG will the Cybermen never leave? While I'm at it, hasn't The Doctor rid the Universe of Daleks yet? Where do they keep coming from?

~ Weeping Angels = Not scary anymore.

~ 11th Doctor: I never thought I'd love Matt, but after the emo Doctor that was David Tennant (Who I adored mind you), it is nice to see his Doctor being a bit more carefree, until the loss of The Ponds.

~ Adipose = BRING THEM BACK!

~ The Ood: Why are they classified as villains, they aren't really. I love The Ood.

~ Hate having to wait til April for new episodes

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