Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Movie Review: Hope Springs

Blurb: Kay (Meryl Streep) and Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) are a devoted couple, but decades of marriage have left Kay wanting to spice things up and reconnect with her husband. When she hears of a renowned couple's specialist (Steve Carell) in the small town of Great Hope Springs, she attempts to persuade her skeptical husband, a steadfast man of routine, to get on a plane for a week of marriage therapy. Just convincing the stubborn Arnold to go on the retreat is hard enough - the real challenge for both of them comes as they try to re-ignite the spark that caused them to fall for each other in the first place.

Review: Meryl Streep has been getting some great comedic roles lately. I'm on the fence about this one though. I loved her and I loved Tommy Lee Jones as her husband Arnold, but even though I found the moving funny and fun, there were some plot holes.

When the film starts, Kay is getting tired of what her marriage has become. She has a routine with Arnold and they don't even sleep together. There is no affection anywhere, but the reason for this, isn't really given in a way that will give viewers any satisfaction. It is dealt with, but in the office of the couple's specialist.

Sure there's some funny moments. I laughed a lot through the movie, as each character worked their way through their problems and over all it is a pleasant film to pass the time, but it could have been so much more. I would have liked Steve Carell to have had much more screen time. This guy is so funny, and he wasn't utilized much at all here.

The big problem I had was when Arnold gets the fancy hotel room. Things start looking up for the two of them, but in the midst of trying to do the...ehm...yeah..it doesn't work. And I didn't feel anyone came away from that scene knowing  why he didn't love her, or find her attractive anymore, and then to quickly reach the end of the film from there, with everything better, well, that didn't work for me.

So is this movie worth viewing?

Yes and no.

If you love the actors involved, yes, rent this movie. It is funny enough to cover the rental costs. If you are looking for a great movie, then no, skip it, because it is simply a good, feel good type of movie. Meryl's It's Complicated is a much better flick.

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