Friday, January 25, 2013

Album Review: Ron Sexsmith - Forever Endeavor

Ron Sexsmith is one of those rare songwriters that just seem to get better as their career progresses.

On February 5, he releases Forever Endeavor. It is his thirteenth album.


Only if you don't get to listen to it.

He sites his influences as Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe. He's toured with Nick on occasion.  His music falls somewhere in between the two for those haven't had the opportunity to listen to this Canadian songsmith.

He's a small part snark, and a large helping of acoustic goodness.

There's a lot of acoustic goodness here.

"Nowhere To Go" is the album's opening track. It is classic Sexsmith. Its moody, it's melancholy and above all else, it is beautiful.

Keeping up with the nowhere theme, "Nowhere Is" is the next track. A more up sounding track. I'm pretty sure Paul McCartney is somewhere wishing he'd written this one. The arrangement is sounds like 90s Macca, back when Linda was still alive to keep him in line.

"If Only Avenue" goes back to the Sexsmith formula. This song has the feel of a 60s pop ballad again, there seems to be a touch of Macca here.

One of the standout tracks is "Me, Myself and Wine." This was a song he wrote during some Nashville sessions. It was supposed  to be a country track, and though it has a bit of the old fashioned country twang, this song is more folk pop.

Another noteable track is "She Does My Heart Good." This is Sexsmith being perky and, dare it be said, perky. This is a catchy track that will easily work its way into your head, so that you are singing it for days on end. As Sexsmith describes it, "It's a straight up love song" and its hard to argue with that description.

"Snake Road" has a bit of an autobiographical vibe, especially if you've read his recent interview in The Guardian.

"Sneak Out The Back Door" is Ron's way to leave your lover. Who needs 50 ways, when you have Ron's easy way out!

Over all this is a solid album, with strong lyrics and elegant arrangements. It is everything you expect from Ron. He's definitely one of Canada's national treasures, right up there with Gordon Lightfoot.

This is a must have album for 2013

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