Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm A Downton Abbey Addict & I'm Proud

I knew I never should have started watching this show, but several of my Facebook friends were really talking it up, so I had to watch it on Sunday night!


It is everything I love in a show.

It is a historical piece, set in England (That's always a plus for me) and the clothes are beautiful. Oh and did I mention Maggie Smith and Shirley Maclaine are in it?

That should be enough right there.

I know the shows on PBS are cut to ribbons, just like Doctor Who is on BBC America, but it is some gorgeous TV.

There is something about this show that just sucks you in. You feel like you've gone back in time, and for an hour or so you are in 1920s England, which seems to be a simpler place then 2013.

Now I've got to play catch up with the last two seasons.

Anyone else out there a Downton addict?

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