Friday, April 5, 2013

Doctor Who In Review: The Bells Of St. John

It feels like forever since we've had a new set of Doctor Who episodes.

Well all that changed last night as The Doctor stormed back onto our screens with his new companion Clara Oswald, played by the almost too cute to be true Jenna Louise Coleman. She's the typical Who companion a little bit of a misfit, just like the Doctor, plus she is the girl twice dead. (And the Doctor needs to find out just who she is)

That sets up the story arc for the rest of the season, as well as finding out who the "Big" villain is going to be this season.

The secret is getting her in the Tardis, or as she aptly names it at the end of the epi, his snogbox.

Hey, I'd get in his big blue box and snog The Doctor, in at least 7 or his 11 selves.

But anyway..back to the episode at hand. The wifi is taking your soul by downloading it to some cloud. All that's left are shells of people saying, "I don't know where I am!"

I'm kind of on the fence with this episode.

Things I liked:

Clara was awesome, not as fun as Amy but still a good companion.

Some nods to the close attention to the book Summer Falls and who it is written by. Kinda neat after the Melody Malone mystery in the Pond's swansong.

The doctor's bike! (I hear we'll be seeing it again in the 50th with Tennant and Piper)

11's new outfit. Tres sexy.

Clara and the that's impossible..she didn't spill a drop!

The Great Intelligence: a newish foe that really seems like it could be quite formidable.

What I didn't like

Clara thinking the Doctor was going all leg humpy on her.

The ending seemed to real fight, which was a bit ho hummy.

It was a decent enough intro to the new companion that we've already seen twice this series. I hope the next episode is a bit more exciting.

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