Saturday, April 20, 2013

Doctor Who In Review: Cold War

Cold War was one of those episode where you may find yourself sitting on the fence.

It is a good episode but it lacks something, maybe that's why it took me 3 viewings to watch the whole thing.

I tried watching at 8, and a family issue interrupted, so I watched again at 11 and fell asleep through part of it.

That doesn't bode well for my feelings on the episode.

So I finally watched it, On Demand, thank you Comcast!

I had heard so much about the classic Ice Warriors that I think I may have had higher expectations going in for this Who monster, because truth be told, I was a little bit Meh. Skaldak could've been more terrifying, but he wasn't. Truthfully, the crew of the Russian submarine were more frightening than Skaldak.

The only thing that really amused me in this episode was the professor and his fondness for British New Romantic bands. Oh and Clara singing Hungry Like The Wolf, that filled me with many giggles. I always love finding Duran Duran references in TV shows.

Clara feels like she's coming into her own a bit more, but I wish she felt special or something, she's the most lackluster companion for all her super cuteness. I hope when The Doctor finds out why she's "Impossible" the whole thing will be worth it.

Overall the first 2 episodes were excellent to good, with Cold War being the worst of the lot. Here's hoping Hide will be stronger overall.

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moodymistress said...

Same, I actually had a lot of trouble getting through this episode, partly because I was trying to do other things simultaneously, but partly because I just didn't seem able to pay attention. :( Loved the bits about the British Romantic bands too, though!