Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Doctor Who In Review: The Rings Of Akhaten

The Rings Of Akhaten is one of those episodes that really remind you why Doctor Who is such a great show.

I've found that the first real traveling episodes with the new companions are always fantastic. With Donna it was The Last Days Of Pompeii, which this episode strangely reminds me of and in other ways it reminds me a bit of Gridlock from the Tennant years...sans the cute cats.

This episode packs a punch from the starting scenes where you get a glimpse into the life and family of Clara Oswald to the Doctor saving the day as always.

But aside from getting a few more clues, or not, about Clara, its is the Doctor's interaction with the little girl who plays the Queen of Years that really reminds you how good Matt Smith can be in this role.

He isn't all about getting the cute companion, and even as a girl myself, I have to admit Jenna Louise Coleman is flipping cute. 11 just has a way with kids. You saw it in The Eleventh Hour with the young Amy and in the prequel to The Bells Of St John with the young Clara. Matt Smith is just great with kids. It is a shame that Lis Sladen passed away, if he could have made a few more appearances on Sarah Jane Adventures, things would have been really fab. Glad he did get to go on that show once.

Another highlight of this show was the music. Completely stunning.

But back to the scary. The grandfather/God that they were singing too is a rather psycho parasitic vampire of sorts that kinda looks like a jack-o-lantern!

This episode brought back all that is good about Doctor Who. A little scary, but something you can't pull your eyes away from.

Oh and super 50th Anniversary nod in the episode as The Doctor said he came to that planet once with his Granddaughter. Love that some of the classic show is popping up, rather than stuff about the reboot and whinging and wining about Rose etc.

This episode will definitely go down as one of the best in the 11th Doctor's era.

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