Sunday, June 2, 2013

Let's Talk About Doctor Who

By now the world knows that Matt Smith is stepping out of the TARDIS for good at Christmas.

Fangirl hearts everywhere are breaking again. (While all the haters are saying good bye and good riddance)

Personally, I loved Matt has The Doctor, and I wish he weren't going, but Hollywood must be ringing his bell and sending telegrams and texts at a rapid pace.

I'll certainly miss him.

What comes next is the one thing I hate about the Who fandom.

Who comes next?

If I hear one more fangirl squeal that she wants David Tennant back, I swear to god I'll go berserk.

That isn't how the show works.

Yes, I love Tennant. I cried when he regenerated, but the show is about change...changing Doctors and companions.

And please, no female Doctors...

We now will have to listen to all the speculation, until the new Doctor is reveal, my guess is it will be over the summer, since that's when they are supposed to be shooting the Christmas episode.

Really Matt, thanks for spoiling Christmas for us.

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