Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Celebrity Overkill

Raise your hand if you always find yourself scanning the covers of the gossip magazines when you are at the grocery store. I'm sure some of you even buy a few of them.

One thing I've noticed is that US, People and Star all seem to do stories on the same people. Is Jennifer Aniston still all that relevant? Most of her movies are crap. Her only real claim to fame is Friends and that is long since over, but thanks to her marriage and divorce from Brad Pitt and the whole Brangelina thing, she will never just fade into B movie oblivion.

Every week it is something. Either she's feuding with Angelina or she's adopting a baby or a new marriage is on the rocks.

For the love of god, can we focus on someone else?

As long as it isn't a Kardashian because that whole family should get off my tv, internet and any other form of media they can stick their obnoxious mugs on.

And speaking of overkill, let's talk Duchess Catherine. She's lovely, yes. I'm happy that both she and Prince William are happy, but I'm also sick of seeing her and everyone speculating on when she's going to pop out a few more royal heirs.

Enough already.

Oh and one more

Taylor Swift. Actually I wish she would just go away period.

I know that I've ranted and raved about this before...but I really swear paparazzi need to find different people to stalk.

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