Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Must-Have iPhone Apps

Yes, I've given in to smart phones. When my battery was dying ridiculously quickly and the back of the phone wouldn't stay on, I knew it was time for an upgrade and I went straight to the iPhone.

Sure, it's expensive, but it's fun as hell, not to mention convenient and helpful. To get the most out of your iPhone (and maybe even Droid, or whatever), here are the apps I've already got.

Angry Birds: Yeah, obvious, and just as addicting as they say. Be sure to check out Angry Birds Seasons, too.

Words with Friends: Basically, a Scrabble match with whatever friends of yours are also playing.

Hanging with Friends: The same concept except with Hangman.

Hisptamatic: Get beautiful pictures with different effects that basically make the pictures look like old Polaroids someone found in the attic. Like, "Remember way back in 2011 when iPhones were all the rage?"

Facebook: Yes, getting all your notifications and news on your phone is a very dangerous thing. But that's why it's so awesome.

Skype: If you want the thrill of a webcam but your computer is as terrible as mine, Skype on your phone is just as good. It'll be nice come fall to keep in touch with my long-distance man without using his minutes. The quality sometimes is sometimes mediocre, but it's better than nothing.

The Weather Channel: iPhone may come with a weather app already, but it blows. The Weather Channel is as good as you get, complete with maps, hourly predictions, and 36-hour coverage.

Flashlight: You know how you use your phone as a flashlight anyway? This makes it more legit.

Foursquare: Welcome stalkers and earn badges and points for every place you visit. Or prove that you really are a hermit.

PNC Virtual Wallet: My mom doesn't trust phone banking, but it rules. Transfer money, check balances, even deposit checks! No more trips to the bank. There goes my Foursquare points...

Pittsburgh Penguins: Up-to-date news and, come hockey season, live scoring and penalty updates.

Team Coco: All the ginger fun on your phone.

Fruit Ninja: Slice that fruit!

Alarm Clock: The chimes are so peaceful.

Twitter: Because you can never be too connected.

RedLaser: Okay, I haven't actually used this yet, but it scans barcodes and tells you if that item is available elsewhere cheaper.

Mancala: As addicting as any iPhone game hit.

Mahjong: Same deal.

ParkPGH: Need to know what garages in the Cultural District are open and what they cost? This will tell you!

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