Saturday, July 9, 2011

Restaurant Review: The Panino Bistro

The people of Charleroi might say, "Do we really need another Italian restaurant in town?" Well as soon as they eat at The Panino Bistro, they'll take back those words.

The Panino Bistro is different from most of the other restaurants in the 'roi. It is a sandwich shop with a little taste of Italy to make you want more.

The Panini offered by Chef Scott C'one are nothing short of amazing.

The Panini that we brought home were wonderful. We chose the roast beef and the Cuban.  The roast beef had ample meat and the provolone cheese was thick and gooey and wonderful. This is the kind of cheese that makes you remember the old "Behold the power of cheese ads."

Then there was the Cuban. OMG! Shaved ham and pork...and when the menu says, sliced roasted pork, they aren't lying. The pork tasted like it came from one of my mother's slow cooked pork roasts.

If these two sandwiches are any indication of what the rest of the offerings are like, The Panino Bistro is a winner.

It is also in a better location than most of new restaurants in town. It has easy access to parking, which is really saying something.

So if you are in Charleroi and you have a craving for a great Panini, or maybe some pasta? You might want to give The Panini Bistro a try.

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