Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Italian Meatballs and Peppers

This recipe is super easy to make in the crockpot and really cheap for those of you on a budget. I found it an old Rival Crockpot Cookbook


2 Cans of Italian Diced tomatoes (Save A Lot and Aldi both make these at less of a cost then the national brands)
1 can 6 oz of tomato paste
1 lb frozen meatballs (I love the Save A Lot meatballs..and they are about a dollar for 7 oz)
1 package frozen peppers. (I use pepper stirfry)

All of these get put in the crock pot and heated on low for about 6-8 hours.

The meatballs and sauce can be served over your favorite noodle, or over rice or on a good bun. The result is an economical, tasty meal that will leave you with some leftovers for the next day.

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