Sunday, June 10, 2012

Movie Review: What's Your Number

Blurb: Anna Faris and Chris Evans star in the outrageously funny comedy that asks: can 19 wrongs make Mr. Right? When Ally Darling (Faris) reads an article that leads her to believe she's going to be alone forever, she begins a wild search to find the best "ex" of her life. But Ally's quest to reconnect with her former lovers goes hilariously awry, from a puppeteer who's more wooden than his puppet to a gynecologist with a "spotty" memory. Through it all, Ally might just find the man of her dreams in the last place she ever expected.

Review: This movie is cheesy and raunchy. Much like Bridesmaids but not nearly as funny. It is cute and it does have some laugh out loud moments, but you still only have one thought while letting Ally Darling into your life for an hour and a half, WHAT A FREAKING HO!

She's not even thirty and she's slept with 19 guys.


And when she reads an article about anyone having more than 20 not ever finding "true love" she starts going back through her ex's to see if she's missed "Mr. Right"

Ho hum!

But even if the plot is a little exasperating at times, you will be laughing especially at some of the situations she gets into with her exes.

What bugs me though, is how all these little pretty perfect chickies are all fired from their jobs, but can still live in perfect gorgeous NYC apartments because their family is super wealthy.


But I remind myself it is a Romcom and it isn't supposed to be intelligent, plus her neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) is freaking hot and always running around with very few clothes on in the hallway!

Glad I didn't see in the theater, but for a couple of bucks for the rental, it was good.

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