Sunday, September 30, 2012

Doctor Who In Review: The Angels Take Manhattan

The midseason finale of Doctor Who is everything the other episodes in this season weren't and that's good.

This was everything that Doctor Who should be.

It kept you on the edge of you seat with your heart racing.

It also was "The Ponds" last episode.

Now, I know many people didn't like these companions, though I'm not sure why? Maybe it is because everyone wants The Doctor to have a companion that's more a girlfriend than a traveling companion. Whatever the reason, for me, I loved The Ponds and I loved Donna Noble, because they weren't all madly in love with The Doctor. They loved him, but they didn't want to sleep with him.

That said, I loved Amy and Rory's love for each other. It stood the test of time, many times.

I still loved Rory more than Amy, but I'm a girl...and hey, it was nice to see The Doctor with a male companion that wasn't

1. An idiot

2. Gay.

Not that I minded Captain Jack...I loved him and I miss him an Ianto like crazy...but its the "I want to bed The Doctor" thing that annoyed me with the previous seasons be it Rose, Martha or Jack Harkness.

Oh and note to the writers Rory was a freakin' nurse, he couldn't be that much of an idiot. I don't know why they talked down his profession in the show. Its a rather important job. (I don't know about the UK but in the US it is a pretty good paying job and hard work)

But back to the episode. I loved River in this one...she felt more likable than she was before. I also like that she said she would travel with him again, but the Tardis only needs 1 psychopath inside it! So maybe that Pond will be back again sometime. She is the Doctor's wife after all.

The Angels returned to their super scary bad ass selves in this one...And OMG baby Weeping Angels!!! Scarier than the big ones.

I'm seriously not going to any cemeteries in the near future!

I'm not going to give any spoilers for the end. (At least not directly)

But I am going to say this....Mr. Moffat you are a cruel and heartless man and I think I don't like you anymore. I may, in fact, like Uncle Rusty a bit better after this one...and The Doctor..I hate ENDINGS!

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