Sunday, May 19, 2013

Doctor Who In Review: The Name Of The Doctor

Anyone that doubted Steven Moffat's ability to deliver a finale that leaves fans breathless and chomping at the bit for Nov 23, will have their opinion changed.

The name of the Doctor is not revealed, so Whovians can breath a sigh of relief and stop bitching that they don't want to know.

That's the only spoiler I'll give you in this review.

Basically The Doctor has to go to the one place he shouldn't go to save his friends and more.

I wasn't sure what role a post library River Song would play in this episode, but I loved her, as I've always loved River. She's a character you either love or hate. I love her, because I find her love for The Doctor to be quite genuine, even though she prides herself in trying to be more clever than he is.

What I love is when River and Clara meet, there isn't a repeat of the Rose/Sarah Jane jealousy. That's why I like River better than Rose.

There is one part of the episode when I was in tears and clapping at the same time, because Moffat nailed it with 11 and River. She's his wife, and it is nice that though she's been the least leg humpy woman to be with him, she deserves his affection. (Oops is that a spoiler?)

Then there is the matter of Clara, from the first seconds of the episode her secret is revealed. I like her impossibleness, and I found myself liking her, finally. I still wish Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax would be full time companions, because there was a lot of fun and good times with them. I would have liked to have seen them in The Tardis.

Strax is probably the funniest thing to happen to Doctor Who in years. He has some prize winning lines in this episode, especially in his beginning scenes.

The whole episode was really mind blowing and the end even more so, as it leaves you wondering...which is something the show's finale's seldom do. It leaves a lot to speculate on until the Anniversary episode airs.

I think this episode really gives the nod to the past in a way that will make old and new fans very happy.

Bloody Brilliant!

It will also leave you with instant Who withdrawal, which is never a good thing.

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