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Doctor Who In Review: Series 7 Part Deux

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The second half of Doctor Who's 7 series, took a bit of adjusting. The story arc wasn't quite as prominent here, and the new companion, Clara, just wasn't as fun, as The Ponds.

The episodes ran the gamut from fantastic to downright awful.

"The Bells Of St John", introduces us to the new version of Clara...or one of the many Claras, but the episode didn't go anywhere and Clara was pretty unlikable.

The only good thing about her was her snarky comment about the TARDIS being a "Snogbox."

"Cold War" was a total disappointment. A wonderfully scary old monster from the classic show "The Ice Warriors" makes a comeback, and it really was a dud. The little comments about 80s new wave bands probably were the only things that brought about any entertainment, especially Clara singing "Hungry Like The Wolf."

"Journey To The Center of the TARDIS" could have been so much more, but instead, it is really one of this series worst episodes. I think if the characters are going to see the TARDIS for all she is, the viewers should as well.

Now there were some brilliant episodes here, "The Rings of Akhaten" was emotional and good with the heart string tugging. "Hide" was superb, creepy and brilliantly acted. The best episodes though were the final three, "The Crimson Horror", "The Nightmare In Silver" and of course, "The Name Of The Doctor."

Now that Clara's secret is revealed, I'm kinda hoping she turns into a better companion in the 50th and going forward, since she's supposed to have signed on for the next series.

Which were your favorite episodes? How would you rate this series?

My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

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