Friday, November 8, 2013

Album Review: Paul McCartney - New

Just when you think you can write Paul McCartney off as just another classic rock god, riding on the coat tails of his past successes, he puts and album out like New, and you just sit back and go "WOW!"

New is an album that proves that age has nothing to do with the quality of music an artist puts out and that Paul McCartney is still one of the most brilliant songwriters of our time.

The title track is one of his finest earworms. Every so many albums Paul writes a Beatley song, and this is one of them. It is a short little ditty, full of fun. This is classic Macca.

All of the songs keep with the short and sweet format. Out of 15 songs only 2 top 4 minutes, but because Paul is a master and his finest work came from the decade where the majority of songs are short, sweet and to the point, the songs are all top notch.

The album opens with a rollicking "Save Us" But probably the most stand out and unique track is "Alligator." It is a song that draws you in because you are waiting to see where the alligator is. Unfortunately it isn't there, but in its place is a dark rocker.

"On My Way To Work" is another Beatley track. Its a slightly more poetic and modern "Penny Lane."

The album is an interesting mixture of darker rock and the usual fun pop flair. "Appreciate" has a bit of an electronic feel. The song "Ou est le Soleil?" has a similar feel.

"Everybody Out There" sounds like a song that might appear on a Ringo Starr album.

The tracks that really stick with you come early on in the album. The fabulous "Queenie Eye" rocks pure and simple.  It is followed by the acoustic "Early Days." This is a more reflective tune, and even someone unfamiliar with Macca will notice the imperfections that age has brought to this icon's voice, but that is what really makes this song so magical and special.

The album isn't perfect, Paul does his Texan from Liverpool routine with "Get Me Out Of Here." What is it with Brits and country music? When George Harrison did Miss O'Dell it was humorous, regardless of whether it was intended to be that way or not, but "Get Me Out Of Here" is a bit dull and monotonous and well....lifeless.

"Looking At Her" is a more experimental sounding song. Electronic beats and Paul McCartney just don't got together. However, Paul gets double props for doing things up different.

New is Paul McCartney reminding us all, that he has it. He never lost it. It is a well rounded album that should appeal to old fans as well as new. All Paul McCartney albums come recommended, but it has been awhile since there was one that is so good that everyone should own it. This is one of those albums.

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