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Literary Nook Book PromotionsPromo Blitz: Dangerous Attraction

10 Award-winning, bestselling authors – 10 Hot Heroes – 10 Romantic Suspense Page Turners

With nine full-size novels from bestselling romantic suspense authors and a brand new Christmas novella from New York Times bestselling author, Rebecca York, this boxed set can’t be missed. Sexy, steamy heroes to heat you up and twisting plots to keep you turning page after page well past midnight!Grab it at the introductory price of 99 cents. That’s 10 books for less than a buck!

From sweet to scorcher, these stories are a must read. Fall in love with our sexy cops, tough military heroes, and hot CEOs. Treat yourself to an amazing reading experience by top authors of romantic suspense collected in one boxed set at a price that can’t be beat.

Ignited by award-winning and national bestselling author, Kaylea Cross – Can sexy ex-SEAL Hunter Phillips keep Khalia safe from the terrorists who took her father’s life? (Scorcher)

Secret Guardian by international bestselling author, Jill Sanders – Will ex-special forces hero, Ethan, save Ann in time, only to lose himself to love? (Scorcher)

Deathscape by Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence recipient and Rita Award finalist, Dana Marton – Detective Jack Sullivan will do anything to put Ashley in prison for her crimes…even if he’s falling in love with her. (Sensual)

Legal Ease by award winning and national bestselling author Lori Ryan – Marrying Kelly solved the problems this steamy CEO faced at his company, but will he ever be able to forgive himself for the price she has to pay? (Scorcher)

The Killing Game by international bestselling author, Toni Anderson –Forced to choose between his country and his heart, British SAS Soldier, Ty Dempsey risks it all to save a wildlife biologist caught in the crosshairs of a ruthless killer. (Sensual)

Fallen SEAL Legacy by national bestselling author, Sharon Hamilton – Will Navy SEAL Cooper be able to survive the loss of the woman he loves, or will his self-sacrifice be enough to keep Libby safe? (Scorcher)

Three Days in Seattle by national bestselling author, Debra Burroughs – Trying to stay a step ahead of a lunatic set on revenge, Kate and Ryan are locked in a desperate race to find her missing sister and capture the madman before both women wind up dead. (Sweet)

See Me in Your Dreams by Patricia Rosemoor, Golden Heart Winner and two-time recipient of the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award – Her dreams allow her to see through his missing daughter's eyes, but he thinks she’s a con woman...until she dreams of something known only to him and the girl. (Sensual)

Catching the Bad Guy by national bestselling author, Marie Astor – Top-notch white collar crime investigators Janet Maple and Dennis Walker team up to solve what could be the biggest case of their careers, but will their attraction to each other get in the way? (Sensual)

Bonus Christmas Novella, Christmas Captive by Romantic Times Career Achievement Award Winner and Rita Finalist, Rebecca York – Her special sight let her glimpse the Christmases past of this international financier, but did he have a Christmas future?


Excerpt from CHRISTMAS CAPTIVE, by Rebecca York:

        Hannah Andrews fiddled nervously with the tall latte on the table in front of her. Although she’d agreed to meet a man named Frank Decorah in this downtown San Francisco coffee shop, she was having second thoughts.
     She glanced around at the cheery Christmas gifts displayed on the shelves near the counter and at the ten other patrons enjoying coffee drinks, some working at computers, others getting e-mail on tablets. Safety in numbers, she thought. But not even Bing Crosby, singing White Christmas over the sound system, could make her relax.
     When the door opened, she glanced up and saw a tall man in the doorway. He appeared to be in his fifties with salt and pepper hair.
      Frank Decorah. She recognized him because she’d looked up his security agency on the Web and seen his picture, and she knew from his bio that he was an ex-Navy SEAL. He’d looked tough and capable on the screen. In person he seemed even more formidable, and she wondered again why she’d agreed to meet him when he’d been so secretive about the job he was offering.
            Yet two factors had swayed her. He was based in Maryland, and he’d offered to fly all the way across the country to meet her. And he’d made the meeting sound urgent—a matter of life and death.

Excerpt from DEATHSCAPE by Dana Marton:

Ashley wanted so badly to think, but she couldn’t. Those sculpted lips she’d thought about painting were over hers. Oh wow. The body she’d assessed with an artist’s eye was now pressed against her, suddenly gaining another dimension. So much more interesting, so much better, so much…everything.
As an artist, she kept her subjects at arm’s length. But now Jack was suddenly very, very close, her head reeling. Heat poured off him that threatened to set her on fire.
He was a ball of pain and hard man, a man on the edge, yet there was something heroic at the core of him, and at the same time something incredibly tragic. A complicated subject, layer upon layer, colors bleeding into each other, twisting. How on earth was she supposed to make sense of him?
She couldn’t, not for the moment. Right now all she could do was feel. She hung on to his wide shoulders, because she wasn’t sure how much longer her knees could hold her.
The passion that flared to life between them stunned her. There were parts of her that had been simply dead since the accident, most likely because of the depression and the pills she’d taken at the beginning. But suddenly everything came roaring back to life, passion as a swirl of vibrant colors. For the first time in a long time, she felt like a woman again. The fire was all-consuming, hotter and wilder than she’d ever felt before.
And it was all wrong.
He was the wrong guy for her, a drifter cop who was obsessed with a serial killer.

Excerpt from SEE ME IN YOUR DREAMS by Patricia Rosemoor:
In the midst of her sleep, she'd envisioned him kissing her.
Arousing her.
Confusing her.
For, while made of flesh and blood, human emotions and passions, Keelin was not a woman to be driven by sheer lust. She believed in the kind of love found in high romance – Romeo and Juliet, Guinevere and Launcelot, Heloïse and Abelard – the utopian state of passion her parents had never found together, sadly enough.
The kind she had only dreamed of finding...
Nevermind that all of those great epics of literature and/or history had ended in tragedy, Keelin was certain equally many real romances ended in happily-ever-after. For some reason, one just rarely heard about the good endings. Perhaps they weren't dramatic enough. She believed that genuine and total love of mind, body and spirit existed. She was certain her grandparents Moira and Seamus had found such in each other, hence Moira's last wish for her grandchildren.
 For all of her adult life, Keelin had been waiting to meet the one man she couldn't live without...and according to the McKenna Legacy, she was fast running out of time.

But that man simply could not be Tyler Leighton...

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