Friday, November 22, 2013

TV Review: An Adventure In Space And Time

When I first heard about the movie about the making of Doctor Who I was fascinated. When I sat down to watch it, I was excited, and by the time it had ended I was crying. The tears were tears of joy that Mark Gatiss brought the making of the show to the world so well and tears of sadness, because the show also shows how William Hartnell, who was THE DOCTOR was forced out due to health reasons, though not by his choice.

There was a lot of behind the scenes stuff in the early days. The show's producer was a young woman who really had a lot of spunk, or as they say in the movie, piss and vinegar. That producer was Verity Lambert who was played by Jessica Raine in the film.

However the best acting in the film is done by David Bradley who looked almost like a clone of William Hartnell. You really come to love the man, almost as much as you love The Doctor, watching this film. They really made you sympathetic to him, though if you read some bios of Mr. Hartnell, he wasn't always a sweet grandfatherly figure.

Not that it will matter as you are watching this, because you will fall in love with him, and at the end, you will cry. You will cry for the actor that let the role become his life and you will cry for The Eleventh Doctor who makes a cameo in the end.

It is just a shame that the actor portraying Patrick Troughton wasn't nearly as spot on.

Oh and did I mention the Daleks were an important part of the film?

It can't be Doctor Who without the Daleks. I loved the scene where Verity was arguing with Seymour about them.

Definitely a movie all Whovians should watch and will want to watch again and again.

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